Weekly Open Homes

Master Granny Flats Open Homes are held every Saturday from 12PM-1PM

Discover newly built Master Granny Flats on our client's properties that are under construction or nearing completion.

This allows you to understand the potential of a Master Granny Flat and view our quality of work first hand at different stages of construction.

Meet our team and learn about the project open for viewing and request your free quote and on-site inspection.

Our Team are Experts

Our team is exactly that a team.

Whose sole responsibility it is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, during the process of designing and building your Master Granny Flat.

We handle everything from getting your approval all the way through to handover!


Here at Master Granny Flats, communication between our team members and our clients, is what differentiates us.

Any changes to your contract & plans, meetings with council, and updates on site are all communicated to you in a timely manner.

So, you're always aware of what is happening with your project!

High Quality Standard

High quality materials and finishes are our standard.

Our Granny Flats as a result are made to be lived in!

Our display Granny Flat gives you the perfect opportunity to have a feel.

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